1 The product

Carta Muriel is a papermaking studio that produces 100% handmade recycled paper. No glue is added to the pulp therefore the result is a a soft and slightly absorbent paper.
Each sheet may differ from another as it is unique and unrepeatable.
All sheets have irregular edges resulting from the papermaking process.
The color of the paper, as shown on website, may vary from screen to screen. If you are looking for a specific color, purchasing samples is recommended.

2 Samples

The Customer can order a sample of handmade paper to evaluate the manufacture. The customer will receive small format sheets, it is possible to add a digital print on request, to evaluate the final effect of the print.
The samples cannot be personalized with texts indicated by the Customer and they will cost € 20.00, shipping included. The purchase of samples does not in any way constitute an obligation to order.

3 Printing

All the paper produced by Carta Muriel is digitally printed in-studio, all graphics are printed in black & white.

4 Graphic & Illustrations

The graphics & illustrations included in a wedding stationery project have a minimal and essential look. Any requests that provide a completely different type of graphics from that displayed on www.cartamuriel.it will be considered and, if it is the case, declined.

5 Project development

The Customer can submit photographs, moodboards, Pinterest boards to  communicate the idea of ​​the project to be achieved through the wedding stationery. Carta Muriel respects the work of other craftsmen / artists / graphic designers and therefore will not copy works by other designers, if  submitted/requested by the Customer.

6 Design property

Carta Muriel owns all the designs created for a custom project, these are not available in any digital form. All files exchanged during communication with the Customer have a single review purpose. Any unauthorized use of the contents exchanged will be considered a violation of Carta Muriel’s intellectual property rights. It is not possible to reproduce, modify or create projects deriving from the information / content exchanged with Carta Muriel.

7 Production

The production of the custom stationery begins when the Customer has submitted his project idea (see point 5) & sent the stationery wording.

Once the graphic concept has been realized, Carta Muriel will submit to the Customer a digital proof of the wedding invitations. The digital proofs of elements such as menus, place cards, escort cards etc, will be submitted to the Customer at a later stage when all the information regarding these other elements will be available.

The customer can choose to revisit the digital proof up to a maximum of three times. After the three revisions, each new revision will cost + € 50.00 on the final price. Each revision involves a slight shift in the printing and therefore in the delivery of the finished product.

The digital proof submitted to the Customer also has the function of checking information / texts. In case of printing errors with a digital file approved by the Customer, the cost of the reprint will be carried by the Customer. In case of errors by Carta Muriel, all new pieces will be put back into production, without any expense for the Customer.

8 Returns

Given the artisanl & handmade nature of all Carta Muriel products, they are non-refundable and not eligible for exchange or return.

Before purchasing, consider points 1 & 7, in the latter it is specified that in case of errors found in the printing phase with a digital proof approved by the Customer, Carta Muriel will not cover the costs for the remaking of the product.

Carta Muriel proceeds with the shipment of the goods with the utmost care in the packaging, any goods worn out due to the courier’s negligence, cannot be attributed to Carta Muriel.

9 Payment

At the time of the order confirmation, the Customer is required to pay a deposit (the sum is variable based on the total sum of the quote) in order to:
– reserve a space within the production of Carta Muriel
– cover the costs of the project development

In case of subsequent renunciation by the Customer, this sum will be retained by Carta Muriel.

The quote sent by e-mail on the Customer request is valid for 15 working days. After this period it will be necessary to request a new one.

Once the deposit has been paid and the production of the wedding stationery has started, the balance due will be requested once the goods are finished and ready to be shipped.

Payments can be made by bank transfer or PayPal, all references will be indicated on the invoice.

10 Shipping & Delivery

Production time is approximately 6 weeks for the making of the wedding invitations only, in presence of other elements such as menus, place cards, escort cards, etc., the delivery will be closer to the wedding date.
Shipping costs will be charged to the Customer in the final invoice.
Carta Muriel is not responsible for any delays in the delivery of the goods due to external causes not attributable to Carta Muriel.