Hey there!

I’m Sonia and I’m so glad you are here!

I am the papermaker / designer / printer behind Carta Muriel & I live in a small village near Verona, Italy, just a few steps from the beautiful Lessinia Regional Nature Park. I share my home studio with my husband, our baby son, two cats…every day is a surprise over here!

I bumped into the papermaking world by accident in 2012 while I was living in Boston, USA. It soon became a passion and finally a full-time job in 2020.

I love nature and gardening, backpacking through my beautiful country, writing diaries, playing the ukulele or the guitar depending on the day, filling my life with creativity.

In 2018 I discovered flower pressing and I loved it so much I could not stop!

Carta Muriel is a little dream of mine that couldn’t stay hidden anymore so I’m helping it bloom.