Pressed flowers


I came across the flower pressing world for the first time in 2018 during a trekking holiday inbetween  Umbria and Tuscany. I found myself by chance visiting the Herbs Museum of Sansepolcro in the province of Arezzo.


This unplanned visit got me into a magical world. As a paper lover I was fascinated by the ancient herbaria: collections of pressed plants arranged in a systematic way for research and study. Herbaria have in the past become essential tools for botanists, contributing to the identification, classification and study of plant species. Thanks to this experience I became passionate about the herbal world, medicinal plants and ultimately flower pressing. 


Pressing flowers is a bit like stopping time, it allows us to continue enjoying the beauty of nature for years to come.

Botanical frames


They are small framed herbariums, each piece is unique, made entirely by hand. They can be personalized with a special message.


The handcrafted frame is made of beech or oak, the paper on which each leaf/flower is individually glued is handmade.

Want to learn how to press flowers?

I have a digital guide for you! In the pdf you will find practical advices that will allow you to start experimenting with this beautiful art right away!